La Susana Beach Restaurant offers beautiful people, young and old, the quintessential José Ignacio fun hip vibe. Located in the sand on the Playa Mansa beach of José Ignacio this cool restaurant has the ultimate in fresh, local and organic Uruguayan cuisine, ambiance and great music to add to the experience of lunch, sunset cocktails, parties, dinner parties and bonfires. 

Sitting in the shade of the bamboo pergolas with feet in the sand, with the sun coming lightly through capturing the scene around you and enjoying the spectacular views of the sea from Punta del Este to the Faro José Ignacio village with the sound of the Atlantic ocean surf, guests enjoy Executive Chef Marcelo Betancourt’s flavors of the southern Atlantic and surrounding farm and ranch lands through his creative and delicious food and the delicious exceptional VIK wines.  As the afternoon fades into sunset stay to enjoy La Susana’s specialty drink - Christiania Caipiroskas or La Susana's Clerico and more of the world renowned VIK wines. Take in the music and experience nature's perfect art in the ever changing sunset that has been described as the best on the planet.